An Introduction; who is this girl?


I suppose I forgot a vital part of beginning a blog, my identity and who I am to you.

Sorry about that. My name is Bridget, how do you do?


My interests lie in the arts, namely, photography, digital design and illustration art. You can see some of my portfolio work hereIn the early summertime of 2014, I will be graduating from Seattle University and Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography degree and a Bachelor of Visual Arts with an emphasis on Digital Design.


While I’m presently Seattle-based, I am originally from Rancho Santa Fe, California. I miss the sun quite terribly and so do my freckles that are ever-so-slowly fading from my face. I’m also a recently identified omnivore – and only recently did I discover the glorified California burrito one late night at a sketchy Mexican restaurant, (and what they say, it’s true, the sketchier the better.) It was everything it lived up to be and more. When not in class or working, my days usually consist of: dog kisses from my best pal, a good book, a pen and my sketchbook, a good morning yoga session followed by homemade almond milk, arts and crafts, and cooking.


Traveling and taking road trips are among my favorite things to do outside of daily rituals. Trips break me free and push a metaphorical refresh button which brings life back into said rituals. This past December, my dog and I drove down to San Diego, and then again back up to Seattle. We actually made it back up to Seattle from San Diego on about $15 of gas money (read more here.)  After graduation, I intend to work as an event photographer on a cruise ship to see more of the world on a boat – and get paid to do so. doing things I enjoy.


Environment and friends are also very important to me. I’m always looking to meet new people and greaten my horizons, I’d love to know more about those who read these words and share the same interests. For booking and job requests, comments, questions and hellos, drop me a line at


Nice to meet you,