Animal Illustrations

Lately, I’ve been putting my focus in the wrong place. While I should be working on my BFA Project I’ve been swept away into the illustrators vortex.


This vortex is very consuming. I’ve fallen into the animal department which is a very fun place. There is a ton of whimsy because it is nothing like earth. The animals will play nicely with one another – and they’re not like the animals that you or I see in the real world. Sometimes, they’re a little bit more decorated, sometimes they’re a little bit more simplified. Really, I think it’s all dependent on the day. Here are a couple of images, (taken from my instagram feed) of some of the animals I have been interacting with.

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  1. Felix wrote:

    This is cool Bridget! Keep it up!!

  2. Kristen wrote:

    Ahh! I find myself doing the same thing. My doodles and illustrations of faces and animals is rapidly increasing while I tend to find myself stuck in my photography processes.
    As always, love your work!