BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography

This is one of my areas of study, where most of my time, thought and efforts have gone within the last four years.


This last year of school at Seattle University and PCNW have my focus directed at not only graduation, but my thesis and gallery exhibition show. Hello there Pressure. If I had to name one thing that’s been a constant during my time in Seattle, it has been perspective. How we look and interact in the world defines who we are and who we will be defined as by others, and theres no simple answer for what that will be, it is ever-changing. My project is a metaphor for this.


As young people in the Western hemisphere grow up, it is inevitable that their characters, morals, ideals and personas will be presented with constant challenges. How these challenges are dealt with stem from one’s ethnocentricity, one’s upbringing. There are also outside forces that influence decision making, and that can be tacked on to our perceptions. So many looking glasses which we see through.


Through photography, the use of a camera with a viewfinder and stacks of glass that compose a lens, I decided to create a language to bridge these two similar worlds. Both filled with anxieties, transitions, memories and joys, my project, Kaleidoscope, is a metaphorical vantage of perception, experiences contained in experiences.


Certain aspects outside of the images themselves will play a big part in the presentation of Kaleidoscope. The presentation of the image, the printing format, the placement and the framing are all things I’ve been busying my mind about. It is very important to me that some of these images be framed in window frames – as if the viewer is looking into a place, influenced by another place. I’d also like to play with printing; I am considering 3D printing, something of the sort by Zebra Imaging, and/or something like this. Since framing and print quality are important factors, where it is placed is also very important to me. I’ve considered hanging pieces, and pieces placed within actual telescopes – or telescapes (har har, see what I did there?)


Anyway, here are a couple of draft images I am in the works of editing right now. I am in the process of considering revisions to these images. Some recent feedback that I have gotten: Hayden suggested I make the shot of the bedroom a little more symmetrical, by reframing the bedroom to be more balanced and to have the boots aligned under the shelves. My professor, Claire Garoutte, challenged me to consider the viewers’ awareness: what can I do to make them more or less aware of where they’re at presently?


I am very open to opinions, comments and ideas. Please share if you have any!

tub-window faucet dresser bed