Couch Surfer, Ben Z.

Last post about last week, promise.

Ben Z, a couch surfer from Germany, (but coming from Mexico,) messaged my couch surfing account looking for a Seattle guide for Thursday. He is doing internships around the world for pediatric medicine, and just finished one in Mexico; doing this has allowed him to take breaks in-between his internships and travel the states. His host would be busy at work and not be available until the afternoon, and seeing as though my weekend typically begins Thursday afternoon, I figured I’d have the availability to show him my favorite parts of Capitol Hill, and recommend areas of Seattle to check out.


As it happened, Ben wasn’t able to get a hold of his host that afternoon and I offered our couch for the night. I gave him a tour of Capitol Hill, we got lunch, and he explored downtown. I also brought him to the event that I had to work that Thursday evening, then to favorite bars with friends. We got breakfast the next day, did some Seattle things and said the farewells. New cultural experiences for Ben:

• Pho for the first time, a Seattle favorite

• Pre made frosting, eating 8+ cookies (you know, like Pillsbury, Betty Crocker… he’d never tried it)

• Ranier, lots of it

• Street meat, with bacon

• Bacon and maple syrup

• Bacon cookies (he had become obsessed with the bacon in sweets fad)

• Thrift shopping, ‘just like Macklemore,’ as he said

He was a great guest to host. And ass I’ve learned throughout my last two years of hosting strangers from around the world, there’s so much faith to be put into humanity, and so much to get out of it – especially new friends. Here are some images of Ben during the night and two days he explored Seattle. Next week, I will make a post about Haley, a couch surfer from Canada staying next weekend. Enjoy!

KSU_2839 ben frosting2 copy ben frosting