SuperBowl Seattle

It was huge, and it was a first for the Seahawks. They won, if you didn’t hear already – and where were you to celebrate?

My good friend, Keoni, and I couldn’t stay static with all of the excitement about the city. We wanted to soak it in and find the best place to do so around Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Beginning at the Six Arms on Pine, we journeyed on, one bar to the next, resulting in a total of over 12 bars total, (though not everyone had worthy photos.)

Last night, the night of the Seahawk’s first Super Bowl win, I managed to collect over 1,000 photos…honestly, I don’t even know how it happened…but if you were celebrating at a  bar in the Capitol Hill area, you know very well about the congregation that happened in the aorta of The Hill. Much like the celebration during the reelection of Obama/legalization of recreational marijuana/gay marriage passing – the streets were packed and out of control. Among the rioting crowd – a few notable scenes: the fireworks, the champagne showers, and that christmas tree on fire that was being passed around.


(Click on images to enlarge them)


Spirited fans galore, it takes the pigskin win. It was the most densely packed of the bar that we visited, and just about everyone had one Seahawks affiliated article of clothing on.


Von Trapp’s:

A rather newer bar, favored greatly for its cushy cabin vibes had a fairly large crowd as well. It was pretty couple-y. Most everyone was seated, it was pretty casual.

vontrapps vontra vontrapps2


Eh. It looked nicer outside than inside. I’ve never cared for this place. (#opinion alert.)


Auto Battery:

Classically a sports bar, it had a good fan base, I’d say second in spirit to 95Slide.

autobatt autobattery

Cha Cha:

One of Capitol Hill’s most beloved bars, it had a projector set up with a theatre-style seating. Not too densely packed with fans, it was pretty casual, yet still cheery.

chacha2 chacha

Bimbo’s Cantina:

Upstairs from Cha Cha – it was dead. As dead as the Bronco’s score.



The pizza bar was full, but then again, when is it not?



As a concert venue, I was surprised to see it open. The set up was by far the coolest, for it looked like a giant movie theatre with balcony seating. Super sweet lighting made for good photo opportunities.

neumos neumos1 neumo3

Moe Bar:

Also packed, pretty casual, the crowd had good intentions, a fun bunch. Every couple of minutes, fans would jump from their seats in hurrah, as the Seahawks scored touch down after touch down.

moebar2 moebar1 moebar

The Aftermath:

It began calm, with the police standing alone, then, sheer madness broke out.

begining keoni fan1crowdschugmobtime2guyspopommjbeersprettypeoplessurfermobtimeprettychampyquinn2firetree2quinnfiretreechampshowersflaggirl2

If you weren’t in Seattle, you probably saved many braincells, and missed out on a lot of fun. My friend Quinn and some of his friends (pictured above with camcorder,) interviewed fans…including myself. I must jut in before I share the link, that I was so overwhelmed and unprepared to be interviewed, so yes, I realize how ridiculous I sound. See it here.