Chad Valley, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Neumos

March 5th, 2014 – Chad Valley and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. played at Seattle’s Neumo’s venue.


I went only knowing a song or two by Chad Valley, but was encouraged to check out more after seeing their performance. He’s a really passionate dude and by watching him, it’s pretty easy to tell he’s really excited to be doing what he’s doing. I recommend checking out his stuff here, and listening to ‘Up & Down’ and ‘Shell Suite.’

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: I’ve had a 6 year band crush on their music now, and I was so excited to take photos for their Seattle show. Neumos is a great venue, it’s pretty intimate; the layout allows for above and below viewing. While I tried to get images from all  different spots, the show was so densely packed that it was hard getting from end to end of the space. Regardless, if ever given the chance, see this band, (and check out the venue and see a show if you’re in the area.) They get excited and dance and sweat and jump a ton – it all makes you want to do the same. Recommended songs by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. ‘Morning Thought’ and ‘Skeletons’. If you’re interested in other music I’ve been listening to, follow my spotify account, “be_wilderment”.


Here are some of my images from the two shows, enjoy!

KSU_3021 KSU_3109 KSU_2962 KSU_2968 KSU_3091 KSU_3069 KSU_3280 copy KSU_3196 copy KSU_3415 copy KSU_3374 copy KSU_3232 copy KSU_3540 copy KSU_3491 copy KSU_3352 copy KSU_3623 copy KSU_3166 copy KSU_3576 KSU_3156 copy