Discovery Park, Seattle WA


Last weekend my friend, Brian, and I hiked around Discovery Park in Seattle. This spot is a photographer’s wet dream.


It had been about two years since my last visit, it was well overdue. The day was relatively Seattle-ish, grey skies and chilly, making photos look really moody. The trail ways had little dips and streams, forest trees that led hikers to a few beach spots depending on which path you followed. We went there in the afternoon, arriving at South Beach right around sunset. It was stunning; all of the drift wood teepees and the rocky beach front was just begging to be put on next year’s do-it-yourself-calendar, like totally Instagram worthy. Jokes aside, to any photographers, nature fanatics or adventurers, this place is gorgeous and worth the scope. Here are a few of my captures.

KSU_2854 KSU_2858 KSU_2859 KSU_2861 KSU_2863 KSU_2867 KSU_2874 KSU_2878 KSU_2877 KSU_2880