BFA coming close to a close

Already, it’s a settled in springtime. Cherry blossoms have reached their bloom-prime, tulips are wide and open. School is a week in full swing, and if you haven’t added or dropped the classes needed yet – well – it’s too late. This is my last quarter at Seattle University.


Wildly enough, it doesn’t feel like an entire set of four years have passed either – this frightens me. In the world outside of university, days go by seemingly faster, I imagine, and I don’t know whether I am ready for it just yet.


Regardless, the world spins madly on. With time comes value and responsibilities from freedoms – my choice(s) of study have been in design and photography. Since I completed my design sequence last year, my focus this year has been on my BFA photo degree. Throughout senior year, myself and my peers have been putting together our own themed projects – which will be presented in the school gallery at the end of the year.


As mentioned in an older blog post, my photography project revolves around the feeling of being somewhere before. Before you begin to think, ‘oh, like de ja vu!’ – no, no, it’s not quite like that. Experiences frame our future experiences and understanding of the world. I’m just going to leave it at that for now.


And what I now present, is a couple of super rough drafts of postcards for my personal project in the show.

sink2 sink1 postcard-draft2 postcard-draft sink3