Working with Claymation

I had the pleasure of helping out at a stop-motion animation studio last week. On Friday morning, I went to the studio and got started. Between the director, other volunteer and myself, we all had different projects going on, as there is so much to do when you’re working in claymation and have to create a miniature world.

I got a little tour of different environments that had and would be being shot within the upcoming week. The world was incredible. My first task was to paint little miniature burgers, fries and sodas for a restaurant scene. I didn’t quite go blind, but it certainly was a job for nimble little hands.

Secondly, I created a bunch of drawings to decorate the protagonist kid’s room. All I had to do, was pretend I was a 6 year old again – and that did the trick. The last bit I did for the day was create and paint tiny miniature colored pencils as if the little clay kid had created the drawings in the room.

I brought my camera and took some photos of the day’s work. Since then, I have been to the studio a couple more times and it continues to inspire me, and crave a job that allows me to work around animation or claymation.


KSU_4480 copy KSU_4488 copy KSU_4492 copy KSU_4496 copy KSU_4500 copy KSU_4501 copy KSU_4478 copy KSU_4484 copy KSU_4487 copy KSU_4495 copy KSU_4502

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