Bombadil, Fremont Abbey

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing a band I discovered in 2011 when their song ‘One Whole Year,’ was abuzz on a few of my favorite music blogs. Like a buried treasure, I’ve been listening to quite a bit since Chirp.byrdhouse put them on their Fall 13 playlist and they’ve resurfaced in my iTunes. Their name is Bombadil and they killed it. Here are some images//

KSU_4987 KSU_4984 KSU_5002 KSU_4972 KSU_5011 KSU_4967  KSU_5023 


I’d never been to the Fremont Abbey before, it was a really interesting set up. From what I know of it, it is an old church space used for music education that will often host events. What I liked most was the intimacy of the space, fold up chairs were set up and at the same level as the band’s set up. This provided a nice sense of interactivity between the audience and the band. Overall, I really enjoyed the sound and the acoustics that the high ceilings provided, Bombadil’s sounds and enthusiasm. To read more about this band check out their website.


The opener of the show was Lone Madrone of Portland, OR. They also had some nice stomp-worthy tunes.