Interning at a Stop-Motion Studio

The wonderful experience I had working at Wonderful Lizard Studios with Sihanouk and Chris for one of the Bill and Melinda Gates sponsored films, has turned into an internship. As part of the credit requirements for the internship, I have to keep a weekly log of studio work, so I figured I’d trial my logs on my blog. I’m so excited to dabble in the art of stop-motion animation.


Week 1:

The official first day was more intense than I had expected. Chris Rodgers and I got started right away in building a story board for the newest project: a children’s show based off of a book series. The series is written by a father, and his daughter is the voice for the protagonist, whom is a bear named Rinkle. For the first episode, the pilot, we devised a sequence of shots since it will be animated with paper cut outs, of what Rinkle the bear does. As a guide, we had a rough draft of the first book which follows Rinkle’s adventure…which happens to be about tennis. Rinkle is no good at playing tennis, lucky for him, he is a scientist with a personal laboratory that allows him to make special rackets to better his tennis game. After some trial and error, he creates himself the perfect racket – only to find that the real fun of the sport is the challenge it presents.


Chris went over the main parts of the story and I noted them and turned my notes into a storyboard of a sequence of 23 main events with transitions – we still have more to do this next week.