Visiting LA in May


Friday, May, 23, 2014:

Our plane landed Friday evening at LAX. On the itinerary: pick up rental cars, check into hotel, dinner and depart to the Observatory at Griffith Park.


KSU_5073 KSU_5081 KSU_5075 KSU_5079 KSU_5066 KSU_5083 KSU_5084 KSU_5088 KSU_5089 KSU_5092 KSU_5093 KSU_5097 KSU_5113 KSU_5102 KSU_5105 KSU_5124 KSU_5129

I began to notice how much I had overlooked, or maybe even never looked at the pros of LA. Growing up in San Diego, I always hated LA because it was just a traffic jam for all of the road trips I had taken up north. Friday was just the beginning of an admiration toward the beautiful buildings, sights and agriculture of the LA scape.

Saturday, May 24, 2014:

The true museum adventure begins.


KSU_5134 KSU_5140 KSU_5139 KSU_5143 KSU_5136 KSU_5149 KSU_5156 KSU_5159 KSU_5169 KSU_5195 KSU_5209 KSU_5212 KSU_5220 KSU_5221 KSU_5232 KSU_5237 KSU_5244 KSU_5248 KSU_5250 KSU_5273 KSU_5294 KSU_5297 KSU_5298 KSU_5299 KSU_5302 KSU_5305 KSU_5315 KSU_5350 KSU_5368 KSU_5369 KSU_5371 KSU_5383 KSU_5388 KSU_5392 KSU_5395 KSU_5398 KSU_5414 KSU_5400 KSU_5429 KSU_5422 KSU_5401 KSU_5434 KSU_5436 KSU_5437 KSU_5439 KSU_5443 KSU_5452 KSU_5457 KSU_5464 KSU_5475 KSU_5484 KSU_5485 KSU_5487 KSU_5489


Each day, we woke up much earlier than my body is accustomed to – another thing I owe to this trip is my body clock readjustment, it’s rather nice. By Saturday afternoon, I had filled up my camera’s memory card. The day’s scheduled agenda consisted of:

-Breakfast at the Farmer’s Market

-The Getty Museum

-Culver City Galleries (all those pretty doors and such were from around there)

-Center for Land Use Interpretation

-Museum of Jurassic Technology

-Dinner at Canter’s


Sunday, May 25, 2014:

KSU_5492 KSU_5493 KSU_5495 KSU_5496 KSU_5499 KSU_5502

I didn’t take too many pictures on Sunday because of where we went. Many museums ask that you not take photos when exhibits are temporary. We also had a private studio visit with artist, Amanda Ross-Ho, taking photos wasn’t exactly appropriate. However, I managed to take some pictures at dinner at Denise’s house. Her family kindly opened their home to us for dinner, and grilled delicious food. On Sunday’s agenda:

-Farmer’s Market breakfast / Whole Foods

-Studio visit with Amanda Ross-Ho

-MoCa, Downtown

-Lunch at Central Market

-Geffen Contemporary at MoCa

-Japantown wandering time

-Dinner at Denise’s


Monday, May 26, 2014:

KSU_5528 KSU_5531 KSU_5533 KSU_5507 KSU_5537 KSU_5550 KSU_5551 KSU_5553 KSU_5556 KSU_5555

The schedule saved one of the best museums filled with iconic big name artists like Picasso, Miro, Rothko, Warhol…for last, and that was LACMA. On our last day, we woke up and did the regular coffee/market thing, and followed the agenda after checking out at the hotel:

-LACMA (modern art museum) & tour

-LACMA (contemporary art museum)

-lunch at Ray’s

-Venice Beach

-Return cars and fly out of LAX.


Other Images-


KSU_5374 KSU_5380 KSU_5384 KSU_5386 KSU_5389 KSU_5373  KSU_5407 KSU_5465 KSU_5404 KSU_5477 KSU_5476 KSU_5506

Group shots:

KSU_5351 KSU_5342 KSU_5346

Find Frank:

KSU_5431 KSU_5201

‘I’d Like That To-Go’:

KSU_5286 KSU_5517 KSU_5516 KSU_5509 KSU_5508 KSU_5505 KSU_5311 KSU_5310 KSU_5309  KSU_5293 KSU_5307 KSU_5288

These images were inspired by the handfuls of people not really looking at the art, but rather, looking at it through a screen the whole time. One of my favorite things to do at museums, (any space actually,) is people-watch and observe how they observe art. It was quite a laugh watching groups of people go from one image to the next with their camera as if they had to capture them all and take them to go to look at later. A lack of presence on their part. iPad photographers took the win, and there wasn’t just one. I’m including a few of my top shots, and hope to post a series of images soon.