Seattle University BFA Exhibition

Taking part of this amazing experience was more than I had hoped it would be. Feedback on my thesis project, PORTAL, was tremendously kind and unexpected. After being so stressed out over this exhibition, I had lost sight of the relief to be felt afterward, and it hit right around my third glass of wine.


The whole night, the gallery was roaring, there were no lulling moments of floor space, it was consistently full – people were still rolling in around closing time. Nick, a good friend from high school even came down from Spokane to hang out. I am so ever-grateful to my dear professor, advisor and friend, Claire Garoutte, for all of her support and encouragement throughout my four years at Seattle University. Of course, we all could have done it without her – it could have been any photography professor to have taught us. I am so especially glad that it was Claire though, her teachings are irreplaceable and something that I will forever hold close and look back upon. Cheers to you, Claire Garoutte.


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