‘Feels’ Hand Print Show

For the first time, I had a solo art show (reception) this last Tuesday for my art. The show was of my hand series, FEELS.


Hearing what people had to say about them was my favorite aspect of having a reception I think. I didn’t title the pieces or have any context as to what the patterns represented to me, because I enjoy the idea of allowing people to make it their own – I think that’s a huge role that art allows people.


All the positive feedback was almost overwhelming, it’s weird hearing people take your stuff seriously and genuinely be interested in it. I am so grateful to the space for hosting the show and to the people that came out for the questions, thank you so much!


If you are interested in seeing the work for yourself, check out The Seattle School’s main gallery at 2501 Elliott Ave, Seattle, WA 98121. The art will be up until late August. Here is what it sort of looks like:


KSU_5605 KSU_5604 KSU_5602 KSU_5606