Au Revoir Simone, Neumos, 7/22/14

Sweet summer nights spent with music are the best. I had the pleasure of spending last night in the crowd of Au Revoir Simone, the Lower 48, and Dresses. I have some images to translate the experience as I saw it. If you’re interested in having your show photographed, please reach out! – thanks & enjoy!


Beginning the show was The Lower 48. A Portland trio with an affinity for an edgy look and sound to match. Check out their sound here.

KSU_8727 KSU_8729 KSU_8734 KSU_8739

Second to The Lower 48 was a band called Dresses, another Portland band – another neat sound. For the record, none of them were wearing dresses. It was a pants party. They reminded me of the band, Mother Mother. Check out their sound here.

KSU_8828 KSU_8740 KSU_8781 KSU_8796 KSU_8818

Headlining the night was Au Revoir Simone, a Brooklyn keyboard girl group that formed in 2003 with bangs all round. The boys loved the femme, the first two rows in the crowd featured pure testosterone, all dudes, look!


The lovely three ladies of Au Revoir Simone presented a great show which was so fun to photograph. Their set sort of reminded me of Haim, and I hope to see them come through the area again soon. Check out their sound here. Enjoy the images!

KSU_8886 KSU_8909 KSU_8945 KSU_8978 KSU_8981 KSU_8990 KSU_8996 KSU_8999 KSU_9014 KSU_9022 KSU_9043 KSU_9073 KSU_9078 KSU_9085 KSU_9099 KSU_9101 KSU_9114 KSU_9117 KSU_9120 KSU_9128 KSU_9129 KSU_9201