Wyches, Metz, Cloud Nothings, Neumos, 7/3/14

I had a last minute opportunity to check out the sold out Metz and Cloud Nothings show this week at Neumos. Camera firmly in hand, my back was sloshed against by the tide of thrashing, sweating fans of the punk rock bands as I sat sort-of on stage; I took the chance to play around with light again after getting a lot of positive feedback about my images from the Painted Palms show earlier on this week.


It was a highly anticipated show and I’m glad to have had the chance to experience all the wildness. Opening before Metz & Cloud Nothings was The Wytches from the UK. Check out my images below, and to hear more about these bands and their music, see the links below.


The Wytches


KSU_6671 KSU_6696 KSU_6707 KSU_6737 KSU_6765




KSU_6833 KSU_6844 KSU_6950 KSU_6963 KSU_6965 KSU_6994 KSU_7008 KSU_7056 KSU_7391 KSU_7096


Cloud Nothings


KSU_7370 KSU_7272 KSU_7302 KSU_7177 KSU_7255 KSU_7159 KSU_7400 KSU_7431 KSU_7450 KSU_7482 KSU_7433 KSU_7488