Painted Palms, Barboza, 7/1/14

Painted Palms came through Seattle’s Barboza venue last night. It was definitely a gem of a show – one, if not the best shows of its genre I’ve seen put on in that space. If you’re unfamiliar with Painted Palms, I highly suggest you check their music out, (click here,) and if you get a chance – see them live. It’s a dreamy-psychadelic sound that sort of sounds like Tame Impala and Washed Out had a holy child, actually, I think this 2011 article about them does a good job of describing them. Needless to say, I throughly enjoyed the style of the performance.


Here are some of the images I took from the night – and an experimental GIF


KSU_6666 KSU_6569 KSU_6585 KSU_6588 KSU_6607 KSU_6613 KSU_6540 KSU_6558 KSU_6567 KSU_6581 KSU_6602 KSU_6610 KSU_6574 KSU_6577 KSU_6599 KSU_6645 KSU_6649


(Click the image below to see GIF)