Stay Golden, California

Thank you to San Diego friends for being so fun, I adore each of you so much and I look forward to our next outing.


Stay golden, California.


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Saturday morning was spent basking & reading, (Tom Robbins of course) in the warmth of the San Diego sun after a short slumber due to a delayed flight that brought me in much later than expected Friday evening. I was able to catch up with my mother and brother, and go book shopping with my brother at my favorite second-hand book store in town. I purchased 4 books by Mr. Tom Robbins, a copy of (beloved) The Little Prince, and for my brother, Walden by Mr. Thoreau and The Murders in the Rue Morgue by E. Allan Poe.

I was able to do a lot of thinking in the desert scape of my mother’s backyard as well; I received news that my childhood cat had gotten outside for the last time, and did some reflecting on the times that I remembered him most. In this trance, I constructed a concept that I am very excited to pursue through a series of installation art pieces. It was a shock that pushed this idea I have been mulling over involving memory, senses and sensory experiences and photography, in the direction I have been meaning to take it.

Saturday night I was reunited with a few of my closest friends from high school as well as some lovely new friends. In the early night, we played around with glass and crystal vision – and then went out on the coast of Encinitas. Katie, Dylan and I missed our chance to take a taxi in Encinitas after grabbing late night Mexican food and ended up having to walk many miles home back to Dylan’s in Cardiff. Oooops.


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The following day Conor and I went to the Self Realization Center’s meditation gardens – something I didn’t know existed! I have always been curious about the center and was glad to have explored this beautiful public, peaceful space. Because he takes yoga classes in the area, he has been able to use the gardens as a thought spot. Succulents, koi ponds and flowers galore, the gardens offer its visitors a sense of peace and calm – and many spaces for serene images.

Later on, my mother brother and I went out bowling, as it was my last night in town. I’ve never been much of a bowler, but I know now for sure that it is not one of my areas of expertise. If you are a prospective employer reading this, I am sorry to report it is not a strong suit of mine. After two or three games, our scores went something like 148 (Austin) 130 (Mom) 42 (Bridget.)


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Train ride to visit my father! I was out and about running errands with my father and going to several meetings with him, so I didn’t have a whole lot to photograph there per say, but I did enjoy myself. Culturally, Seattle and the greater LA area are drastically different. They hold special spots in my heart, I can’t favor one lifestyle over another because I’ve come to an understanding with both.





I had a relatively early flight after spending some time at the pool at the complex my father lives in, and didn’t do much else other than spend time with him and run a few more errands. Because my flight was delayed several hours, I did a bunch of drawing. One piece that I was particular fond of was actually requested in print to be sent to the Free People girl that I was inspired by! I couldn’t have received a bigger compliment and am excited to do more drawings like it. On the downside, because of the flight delays, I missed the Wye Oak show I was supposed to cover and photograph which was a bummer.