AMDEF, Neumos, 8/23/14

AMDEF, an acronym for Art, Music, Dance, Entertainment and Fashion – took place this weekend at Neumos. With a cat walk set up for the many performances of the night, the crowd was ‘fringy.’ Fringe was the word continually used to describe the crowd and event – it was eclectic and a conglomerate group that could not embody a certain stereotype.

When I inquired what exactly AMDEF was, I didn’t get a straight answer, and when I asked what I should focus on, again, there was not a particular answer; I was told to do my own thing and photograph what stood out to me. AMDEF is certainly one of the most bizarre and eclectic gigs I’ve shot. If you’d like to hear more about the event, check out the post on where you can see my selection of photos.

KSU_0313 KSU_0322 KSU_0332 KSU_0339 KSU_0359 KSU_0365 KSU_0372 KSU_0400 KSU_0391 KSU_0385 KSU_0383 KSU_0424 KSU_0380 KSU_0434 KSU_0438 KSU_0435 KSU_0439 KSU_0473 KSU_0524 KSU_0492 KSU_0490 KSU_0487 KSU_0482 KSU_0478 KSU_0559 KSU_0549 KSU_0568 KSU_0636 KSU_0634 KSU_0630 KSU_0626 KSU_0620 KSU_0618 KSU_0592 KSU_0661 KSU_0678 KSU_0784  KSU_0777 KSU_0751 KSU_0749 KSU_0727 KSU_0718 KSU_0699 KSU_0694 KSU_0805 KSU_0812 KSU_0818 KSU_0825 KSU_0847   KSU_0833 KSU_0829