Bod, Kairos, Crater, Chop Suey, 8/20/14

Seattle bands Bod, Kairos and Crater took the Chop’s stage this Wednesday with the unanimous intention of syncing groove into the ears & minds of jivy, young Seattleites.


My visual translations of the show’s sounds are below. Please look into the bands’ music if you haven’t already, they’re all talented and worth your while.


Bod – Audio


KSU_0162 KSU_0170 KSU_0168


KAIROS – Audio


KSU_0185 KSU_0237 KSU_0236 KSU_0229 KSU_0208 KSU_0198 KSU_0195 KSU_0190 KSU_0188


Crater – Audio


KSU_0245 KSU_0292 KSU_0276 KSU_0272 KSU_0265 KSU_0259 KSU_0255 KSU_0248