Seattle Festivals

The homey homie, old Bauhaus, will forever be missed as its innards have been pulverized by scalpels of bulldozers and cranes. At least the new one embodies the spirit and partial sunlight of the old. We painted and drew things like beast mouths on the balcony and ate some delicious handcrafted coconut raw brownies. I think we alluded to our city’s generation quite nicely, both of us fashioned kimonos and circular sunnies that day.

KSU_0119 KSU_0121 KSU_0122 KSU_0127 KSU_0131

I’d like to make a salad of this post and throw in some other images I have from painting in my  room with my k9-bffl the following week. This summer has been one to pass both quickly by week, but slowly in total duration. If summer were a credit card, the infamous Madrona T-dock, cafe workspaces, and to the bulk section of the co-op – specifically in the cocoa and carob chip bins (summer brownies have been my jam on cocoa) would be the reigning kings of my credit.


KSU_0137 KSU_0140 KSU_0142 KSU_0143


I recently upgraded and downsized to a new computer, and while the transition has been a simple streamlined process – I miss the old familiarities. I’ve also had to re-add all of my Adobe applications, so getting around to editing has been a touch of a struggle – hence the decline in blog posts. Sure enough, I have a couple of upcoming gigs (music, fashion and art) – I’m looking forward to sharing images from those events. On that note, I am considering redoing or at least altering my existing logo/watermark. I don’t wear glasses as much as I used to, and my line art isn’t as smooth as a vector, the logo is seemingly and suddenly unfitting. I’m open to hearing any suggestions while I sketch out some new ideas for the upcoming seasonal transition. -B