Steve Gunn, Woods, Foxygen, Neumos, 7/31/14


Steve Gunn is a Brooklyn-based musician with a rock-style sound. Gunn previously played in Kurt Vile’s ‘Violators’ band.  That musky ambient sound that a live crowd craves is present, and if it counts for anything, Pitchfork gave pretty decent reviews on his albums. To put a feel to it, it’s a sound that one would listen to driving through Arizona on a casual mission – with the windows open. Cool. Check him out – Steve Gunn.


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Sandwiched in the middle of the shows was Woods. During the show, I heard a couple of guys behind me mention, “music like this is rare anymore,” I’d say that’s a pretty agreeable statement. The dynamic of the Brooklyn-based Woods band was cool, something I have not seen or heard live in a long time – if not ever. Not to keep going back to Pitchfork, but they got rave reviews and Best New Music on “Songs of Shame”. And to put this live sound into a feel:


Woods’ sound is quite different live than their recordings, but check those out here: Woods



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Foxygen – known for that ‘chill’ song San Francisco, had this unique ensemble consisting of 3 string instrument players, a drummer and three ladies in 80’s rompers and dresses doing back up vocals and routine dance in the front – and its two original members, Jonathan Rado on the keys and Sam France doing main vocals & erotic dancing. In the first song, France sort of lost his shit in the fury of the music and ended up on the floor after violently placing the mic in his pants and various places on the stage, (before it was then smashed and water damaged.) He would make many more floor falls and crawls thereafter. After some research, I found out that it was typical behavior for their live acts. For what it was worth – even if the songs didn’t have decipherable lyrics – it was an entertaining and lively show put on by Foxygen. I’ve put together a few GIFs to give you an idea if you haven’t witnessed it before. Hear a different and decipherable breed of Foxygen here: Foxygen.

FoxygenGIF3  KSU_9922 KSU_9932 KSU_9933 KSU_9936 KSU_0097 KSU_9611 FoxygenGIF2 KSU_9849 KSU_9876 KSU_9886 KSU_9918 KSU_0018 KSU_0039 KSU_0043 KSU_0065 KSU_0076 FoxygenGIF1