Fader Fort: CMJ Thursday 10/23/14

Fader & Converse Present, CMJ shows at the Fader Fort.

Pictured below:

Cathedrals, DMA’s, Børns, Rae Sremmurd.


(If you’d like permission for any of the following images, or would like your show shot, drop me a line at bridget@92bridges.com, thanks & enjoy!)


BFW_4744 BFW_5391 BFW_5389 BFW_5344 BFW_5194 BFW_5182 BFW_5176 BFW_5170 BFW_5163 BFW_5149 BFW_5144 BFW_5137 BFW_5049 BFW_5018 BFW_5002 BFW_4996 BFW_4993 BFW_4985 BFW_4975 BFW_4967 BFW_4925 BFW_4913 BFW_4905 BFW_4904 BFW_4888 BFW_4867 BFW_4850 BFW_4808 BFW_4779 BFW_4755

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  1. Tj wrote:

    Dope pics yo